Will Batman Be ‘older’ Than Clark Kent in Dcu, Will James Gunn Direct Superman: Legacy?

After denying the rumors about the casting of Superman Legacy, the director, producer, screenwriter, and now also DC Studios CEO James Gunn has anticipated new information on the next film dedicated to Clark Kent and the dynamics that will involve Batman in the new shared universe of Warner Bros.

As confirmed during the official presentation of the new DCU, in fact, the Superman: Legacy reboot film will arrive in 2025 and will follow a younger Kal-El, around 25 years old, who will be younger and more inexperienced than the new Batman, who instead in his new film Batman The Brave & The Bold for the first time will be a father on the big screen.

“ Clark is already in Metropolis on the new movie, he’s working, he’s already a reporter for the Daily Planet,” Gunn confirmed during a recent Q&A with The Hollywood Reporter. I‘ll say it again when the DCU officially kicks off with this movie we’re going to enter a world where superheroes already exist and have been around for several years. So, does this mean that Batman will be a few years older than Superman? Yes, that’s right. ”

Also, always about Superman: Legacy, before closing it is worth pointing out that The Hollywood Reporter also suggests that James Gunn will direct the Clark Kent film, and will not just sign the script. “ He has already written an entirely new series, the animated series Creature Commandos, and is now completing the screenplay for Superman: Legacy, which he will likely end up directing,” the magazine reads.

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