What are some of the main villains that Spider-Man has faced in his career as a superhero?

Spider-Man, a fictional character created by Marvel Comics, has several arch-enemies. Some of the most well-known include:

  1. Green Goblin: A wealthy businessman named Norman Osborn becomes insane after experimenting with performance-enhancing drugs.
  2. Doctor Octopus: A brilliant scientist named Otto Octavius becomes Spider-Man’s enemy after a laboratory accident fuses mechanical tentacles to his spine.
  3. Venom: A alien symbiote that bonds with Spider-Man before eventually attaching itself to journalist Eddie Brock, creating a dangerous and powerful villain.
  4. The Sandman: A criminal named Flint Marko gains the ability to transform his body into sand.
  5. Kraven the Hunter: A wealthy and skilled hunter named Sergei Kravinoff becomes obsessed with hunting Spider-Man.

These are just a few of Spider-Man’s many arch-enemies. He has faced many other villains over the years in his adventures as a superhero.

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