Vampire Diaries: How Nina Dobrev Changed the Fate of Katherine’s Character

Although “Vampire Diaries” is the adaptation of a series of novels, the two creators made many changes during the writing of the series, in particular on the character of Katherine, embodied on screen by Nina Dobrev.

For 8 seasons, The Vampire Diaries fans have assiduously followed the heartfelt stories of Damon ( Ian Somerhalder ) and Stefan Salvatore ( Paul Wesley ), two brothers in love with the same human, Elena Gilbert ( Nina Dobrev ).

Over the episodes and seasons, the latter discovered that she had a doppelgänger named Katherine, a vampire who had transformed her two suitors several centuries earlier.

The two characters resemble each other like two drops of water, it was Nina Dobrev who had the heavy task of embodying them. And without knowing it, the actress had a great influence on the origins of Katherine Pierce.


It’s no secret that The Vampire Diaries is loosely adapted from a series of Diary of the Vampire novels, written by LJ Smith. If the beginnings of the series broadcast on the CW between 2009 and 2017 remain the same as in the books, Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson, the two creators, have made some changes to the story.

And there is a character that has undergone many changes, it is Katherine Pierce. In the novel from which The Vampire Diaries is adapted, the character of Katerina Petrova, who is of Bulgarian origin in the series, was called Katherine von Swartzschild and came from a German family.

And if originally the authors did not necessarily plan to modify the origin of the character, the choice of Nina Dobrev during the castings changed everything. The actress was indeed born in Bulgaria and immigrated to Canada when she was only two years old. The actress is fluent in the language, so the writers decided to adapt the character of Katherine to Nina Dobrev.

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