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Tickets For The European Final Are On Sale

Tickets For The European Final Are On Sale

For all the matches that will be played at the Wembley Stadium in London, Uefa has made available other tickets than the capacity at the beginning of Euro 2020. For the final on 11 July,

the expansion to about 60,000 spectators has now been made official. Here’s where and how to buy them and how much they cost.

The final of Euro 2020 is getting closer and closer and the date of 11 July is now upon us.

At Wembley, that day the match that is giving away the continental title will be played,

in a stadium considered by all to be the mecca of international football and which for the occasion has also managed to increase the number of spectators allowed.

If at the beginning of the European Championships the London facility was contingent like all the other 11 stadiums chosen by the organization from the round of 16 onwards,

it went to a progressive opening up to around 60,000 who will be able to enjoy the most important match.

The tickets for the final could become an important element vital for the Italian fans,

currently engaged in the semi-final – always at Wembley – against Spain.

In case of victory, the race for the coupon will start so as not to get lost Mancini and his players in the race are worth everything.

But if on the one hand, the opening to a higher number of fans will allow more tickets to be available,

on the other hand, there will be the price and the conditions of sale to curb easy enthusiasm.

How many tickets are on sale for Italians at the Euro 2020 final

We assume that Italy will be able to reach the final on 11 July. Nothing for granted because Morata’s challenge to Spain is anything but easy and without pitfalls.

The doors of Wembley would open again for a total of around 60,000 spectators,

a number for which Uefa has put on sale, on its website, the tickets for the key match.

There is a geographical problem to consider because to purchase a coupon you must be a resident in the so-called ” Common Travel Area “.

A ‘region’ that is between the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Isle of Man,

Guernsey and Jersey. This means that no one will be able to leave Italy.

Only for Italians living in England Wembley gates will not be an obstacle to accessing the facility.

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The price of tickets and how to buy them on the Uefa website

All tickets, for those who have the requisites required to buy them, can only be purchased online on the Uefa website.

To do this you must register and after acceptance, just click on the section dedicated to Europeans.

Tickets will then be available for purchase for the Wembley final on 11 July.

Tickets are divided into three categories, one for each price range.

Compared to the semifinal (from 195 euros to a maximum of 595 euros) for the final,

the cost will be much higher.

It starts from 295 euros for the cheapest tickets, 595 euros for the intermediate ones,

and 945 euros for the first band

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