Thunderbolts, Harrison Ford on His Entry Into the Mcu: ‘everyone Seemed to Be Having Fun’

We have seen quite a few actors of a certain rank ready to become part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Harrison Ford is therefore only the last of a long list, but there were very few who expected a similar choice on the part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Indiana Jones and Star Wars actor! Why, then, did Thunderbolts convince the good Harrison?

While images of the possible look of Harrison Ford’s Red Hulk begin to leak, therefore, it is the person directly concerned returns to the subject, answering those who asked him the reasons that led him to accept Kevin Feige’s offer and Marvel Studios.

don’t know. I can’t explain it myself, I just work here. I thought, ‘Everyone else seems to be having a lot of fun .’ make people enjoy it like that. So I’m going to try a piece of it ” were Ford’s words.

On the other hand, at his age and with a career like his behind, our Harrison certainly doesn’t need to worry too much about which projects to devote himself to: let’s hope that even in this case he won’t regret his choice!

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