The Walking Dead: How is Norman Reedus Doing in France?

The Walking Dead: How is Norman Reedus Doing in France?

“Individuals communicate in French around me, so overall I attempt to understand…”
We realize that the Walking Dead side project in France, devoted to Daryl Dixon, will have a connection with the finish of World Past.

We know that the biker will awaken on the old landmass and will attempt to recreate what occurred. How could he arrive? How might he return home?

Norman Reedus is recording all of this, at present, in the Paris area. Today on EW, he makes sense that he’s done three weeks of recording: ” We have three weeks in the case. Furthermore, damn it’s perfect! Everybody engaged with it is ridiculously excited about what we’re doing. It’s so epic. The tone is so great and unique. The state of mind is darker…”

The transition to Europe gives The Walking Dead alternate energy: “There’s a set of experiences in the story. It’s a different inclination. It has all that you’d anticipate from a Mobile Dead series, however in a completely separate aspect.”


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That being said, Norman Reedus demands that this isn’t a continuation, closely following the great finale. ” It’s a reset! You gain some significant experience of things following 12 years of doing a series. We had too large a cast and presently it’s tight. It’s sort of another beginning for us, with everything we wanted to do, and simply a lot of other new stuff .”

So does Norman Reedus like France, a long way from Georgia, Atlanta, and the Walking Bound and determined he has meandered around for over 10 years: ” Individuals communicate in French around me, so overall, I’m attempting to sort out, ‘Is this great or is this terrible? Are we going to battle or are we companions at present?’ I attempt to lip-read language that I don’t comprehend I read non-verbal communication, I read tone, I read a wide range of things It’s confounding, however, I figure out how to comprehend I figure out how to receive a return, and continue toward the subsequent stage. In any case, it’s all essential for the story, no doubt it’s bizarre, yet that is the show we’re doing. So it truly works. well .”

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon is expected out in 2023.

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