The Offing, Helena Bonham Carter Re-collaborate With the Director of The Crown!

Sometimes they come back it should be said in these cases. Helena Bonham Carter will star in The Offing upcoming film by Emmy Award winner Jessica Hobbs, based on the novel of the same name. The two have already collaborated in the third season of The Crown.

Twice nominated for an Academy Award, the actress has made her name in both film and television throughout her career playing Princess Margaret in The Crown. Her great interpretation, recognized far and wide, has brought her back to the crest of the wave after the very long collaboration she had with her ex-boyfriend Tim Burton. However, Bonham Carter does not seem to have the slightest intention of stopping embarking on this new adventure with The Offing.

While Helen Bonham Carter is hoping for the cancellation of The Crown, in the meantime she is back collaborating with the director of the same series by telling a story taken from a 2019 novel starring Robert a teenager, and Dulcie a recluse, and drunkard. The friendship that will be created between the two will lead the young man to understand how to face life and the woman to get out of the situation of self-isolation that she has imposed on herself.

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