After pleasantly surprising viewers in theaters, The Menu landed on Disney Plus a few days ago, with the production house Searchlight choosing for the occasion to enter into a partnership with the historic Irv’s Burgers booth in West Hollywood to promote the thriller directed by Mark Mylod.

And the director himself, who has worked on important television series such as Game of Thrones and Succession during his career, compared his latest film to the two HBO shows, underlining how some themes, in particular family and wealth, are very present in all three products.

“If there’s a line that connects my work, it’s family. I realized that power and family are symbioticespecially in my formative years. They fascinate me. You’re trapped in the space you inhabit and you can’t escape until you can’t leave the house. And that offers endless potential for dramatic conflict. In The Menu I was drawn to the idea of ​​putting all the characters in this box with this family-like, trapping them in this space, which offers endless potential for dramatic confrontation and dramatic conflictAnd from that, you get that lovely relationship between tension and comedy, from which the writers benefit so much.”

In his interview with Polygon, the director continued, “ Bong [Joon-ho] in Parasite never wanted the poor to be the good guys and the rich to be the bad guys. It’s cheesy and undermines the authenticity of the emotional story you’re trying to tell. We were in the same position: we wanted to have an emotional connection with these characters. We can see them doing silly things, but I certainly didn’t want them to be just cardboard cutouts, two-dimensional stereotypes. We wanted them to have an emotional life and we wanted the audience to feel their peril.”

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