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The Masked man mixes up Piqué crazy league

The masked man mixes up Piqué crazy league

At the beginning of January, ex-Barca star Gerard Piqué successfully started the King’s League. Since then, fans have been wondering who the mysterious masked man Enigma is.

The Kings League makes headlines right at the start of the season!

Last Sunday, the second day of the competition, which ex-Barca star Gerard Piqué founded together with streamer Ibai Llanos, was played in Barcelona.

Twelve teams with some ex-stars, active soccer players, YouTubers, and streamers compete against each other on a small field in the hall in a seven-a-side format.

The special thing about this soccer project is: The focus is on the interaction with the fans. More on that later.

Because there is currently only one topic on social media! Namely: Who is the mysterious masked man? He appeared as player number twelve wearing a Mexican wrestler mask for the XBUYER TEAM to disguise his true identity.

The name “Enigma” is emblazoned on the orange and white striped jersey,

including the number 69 – and the internet is going crazy: who is the mysterious man?

Piqué’s Kings League is soaring on social media

According to Kings League regulations, a squad consists of twelve players. Ten of them were awarded in a draft last December. The eleventh and twelfth man is a former and in some cases even active soccer professional.

While the eleventh player has to remain in the squad throughout the season, number twelve can be changed week after week. In addition,

each team has its own president from the fields of football, streaming, or social media.

According to Piqué, the mysterious masked man, who had to cover his face and tattoos with a long-sleeved shirt to avoid being recognized,

is said to be an active professional footballer in the Spanish La Liga and is around 30 years old.

As a result, the fan community on social media went completely nuts and desperately searched for the identity of Enigma!

Who is Enigma? Wild speculation about ex-real star Isco

The first speculation immediately went viral. Because many suspected behind the masked man Isco, the former midfield star of Real Madrid. The 30-year-old recently terminated his contract with FC Sevilla and is currently without a club.

Atlético Madrid’s offensive jewel Rodrigo Riquelme, who is loaned to FC Girona and is playing well there in the current season, was also traded.

Other names that popped up included ex-Barca pro-Denis Suárez (currently Celta Vigo), CA Osasuna’s Rubén García, and ex-Cádiz forward Nano Mesa.

But it looks like Enigma is actually the latter! At least that’s what Kings League co-founder Ibai Llanos seems to have revealed in a live video on the Twitch streaming platform.

After Sunday’s games, he apparently accidentally revealed the identity of the mystery masked man: “A lot of people thought it was Isco because his physique is similar to Nano Mesa.”

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Piqué’s latest project is a complete success

Former Argentina international Kun Agüero, president of the KL team Kunisports, took the same line: “The twelfth player from the XBUYER TEAM is someone who used to play for Cádiz.” That applies to Nano Mesa, but also to others.

An official confirmation from Piqué or the King’s League is still pending. Nevertheless,

the second day of play was a complete success!

But what is this new project about? SPORT1 answers the most important questions:

How long is a game in the King’s League?

A game lasts a total of 40 minutes, 2 x 20 minutes.

Where and when are the games played and who is broadcasting the King’s League live?

The venue is a hall in Barcelona. All games will be broadcast live on the Twitch streaming platform on Sunday.

How is the mode in Kings League? The regulations?

Every Sunday the teams meet Twelve teams, each of which meets twice in a seven-a-side format. The champions of the King’s League will then be played in the playoffs.

Interaction with the fans is very important to Piqué and Ibai Llanos. For this reason,

they were also allowed to have a say in some rules on social media.

For example, players must abide by the offside rule but may be substituted on or off indefinitely. There are yellow (two minutes) and red cards (five minutes), which are punished with time penalties.

At kick-off, players start on the goal line and if there is a draw, the game continues with penalties. Teams start on the center line and have five seconds to score, similar to a penalty shootout in ice hockey.

In addition, there is a particularly curious card, the so-called Golden Card, which every coach may select at random before a game.

There are a total of five cards with different properties: instant penalty kick, taking out an opposing player for two minutes, counting every goal twice in the next minute, stealing a card, and a joker that a coach can use to select one card from all cards again.

A video assistant referee is also used for every game, but this should only intervene in the event of clearly wrong decisions.

Which teams and stars are there?

The Spanish world and European champions Joan Capdevila and Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez (LA Galaxy) have already played. Other stars will probably follow.

>> 1K FC. Su-Íker Casillas (President)

>> Aniquiladores FC – Juan Guarnizo (President)

>> El Barrio – Adri Contreras (President)

>> Jijantes FC – Gerard Romero (President)

>> Kunisports – Kun Aguero (President)

>> Los Troncos FC – Perxitaa (President)

>> PIO FC – Rivers (President)

>> Porcinos FC – Ibai Llanos (President)

>> Rayo de Barcelona Spursito (President)

>> Saiyans FC – TheGrefg (President)

>> Ultimate Móstoles – DjMariiO (President)

>> X-BUYER TEAM – The Buyer Brothers (Presidents)

Can women also take part in the King’s League?

no, But a women’s league, the so-called Queens League, is to start in May 2023.

The Masked man mixes up Piqué crazy league
The Masked man mixes up Piqué crazy league

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