The Last Of Us, The Secret Of The Hbo Series? Many Practical Effects And Few Green Screens

During a recent chat with its two showrunners and executive producers, Sony was able to thoroughly investigate the world of The Last of Us, the adaptation of the game by HBO and reveal some secrets. First of all, the real secret of its success, which for the duo lies in the fact that they have used many practical effects.

During part one of the Creators to Creators series, executive producers Neil Druckmannn and Craig Mazin spoke with the show’s stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. PlayStation Head of Production Asad Qizilbash asked how they managed to capture so much of the lived-in feel of the series environments. According to Mazin and Druckmann, much of this was due to well-chosen physical locations and the benevolence of Calgary and Edmonton.

Responding to the question, Pascal said, ” You’ve covered entire swathes of downtown, Calgary, and Edmonton,” before Ramsey chimed in, ” You’ve pissed off all the residents .” City people understood and were patient with such a large production. It probably also helped that their town was featured in what is a huge HBO production. As more and more projects make heavy use of CGI, finding ways to incorporate the real world is something fans and viewers relate to even more deeply.

There is no doubt that it’s being set in real exteriors has created that necessary connection for the public to immerse themselves in the story, thus avoiding the too invasive use of CGI and green screens (which are not lacking but are dosed just enough, for example for distant backgrounds or huge cracks in the ground).

After the heartbreaking 1×07 of The Last of Us, we just have to wait for next Sunday for what will be the appetizer of the grand finale of the season, which we remember is made up of nine episodes in total. In Italy, the series is broadcast by Sky and streamed on Now.

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