The Flash’s Kiersey Clemont on Ezra Miller: ‘it’s Part of the Game, but It’s Not Fair’

The Flash will arrive sooner or later to land in theaters with the weight of a double curiosity on his shoulders: there is the desire to understand how the film will reset the DC universe to make room for the newborn Gunn/Safran DC Universe, but also to understand in what conditions Ezra Miller will return to the scene after the latest vicissitudes.

After recording the encouragement of James Gunn and Peter Safran, who in recent days said they were ready to support Barry Allen’s actor at all costs, Miller therefore also received words of comfort from his co-star Kiersey Clemons, who in these hours he wanted to reiterate how unfair, in his opinion, was the treatment given by the media to the actor.

” What people forget is that a lot of people go through times like that, but they don’t have the eyes of the whole world on them. […] I know it’s part of the game, but it’s not right and it was really bad to witness everything ” were the words of the actress who, after Justice League, will return to the role of Iris West.

We’ll see if the Ezra Miller we’ll find ourselves in front of will be a person aware of the situation, and how much the actor will have managed to reverse the trend: going back to the film, meanwhile, James Gunn has promised us that The Flash will be one of the best cine-comics ever.

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