The Flash, James Gunn Confirms: ‘it Will Be the Film That Will Reset the Dc Universe’

Since the announcement of the start of a new course by James Gunn at DC, we have asked ourselves one question more than any other: what will be the film in charge of epitaphing the DC Extended Universe and, perhaps at the same time kicking off the DC Universe? The answer, in the end, was what we expected: it will be about The Flash.

After having revealed his plans for the DC Universe, between a Batman, a Superman, and The Swamp Thing, the director of The Suicide Squad has reserved a few words for the film with Ezra Miller, indicating it as a real point zero for the birth of the new cycle.

” A fantastic film that I love and that will reset the DC Universe ” explained Gunn, who on the future of the franchise then added: ” The only thing we can promise you is that everything we do from Superman onwards will be canon and that everything it will be interconnected. We will use some actors from the past and we will not use other actors from the past, but everything from then on will be interconnected .”

We will see how The Flash will act as a total reset for the franchise: according to Gunn’s words, however, it seems that Muschi Cetti’s film should not be considered canon for the DC Universe, but more a device to give context to the birth of this new universe. Will things be like this? We’ll only find out in the hall! In the meantime, let’s see who the villain of The Flash could be.

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