The Flash, a Spectacular 200th Episode Was Planned Before the Cancellation

Before the announcement that the ninth season of The Flash would be the last, Eric Wallace, showrunner of the famous DC adaptation, had already prepared the plot for seasons 9 and 10, which would culminate in a spectacular 200th episode.

“ I originally had a two-year plan for seasons 9 and 10,” Wallace said in an interview with The Nerds of Color. And then there was going to be this incredible 200th episode, a spectacular, wonderful, emotional event that couldn’t help but happen. That was before we got the cancellation news, of course. I could write 40 more episodes!’, but now that will be reduced to 13. So, now the question was not what to do, but what not to do. And so the 200th episode I had planned became the series finale .” In this regard, we can already provide some information: on another occasion, the showrunner teased The Flash’s happy ending.

But what would have happened in the tenth season? ” Everything and more, ” she replied. ” Meanwhile, I can tell you that we would have tackled the storyline of The Forever War. It would have been an early season, and we just hinted at it… I wanted a crossover with as many characters as possible; Blackest Night, a storyline that we started developing last year through Diggle and the box. So yeah, I’m really mad that I can’t do all that. I also wanted to bring Despero to his alien friends and have him experience an alien invasion through and through, so the Justice League would enter the Hall of Justice and help Barry. Well, we won’t do that either. Things that happen. That said, I’d be surprised if I saw more than half of them on the list of things I intended to do.

The ninth season was released today, February 8, 2023, and in the next few days, we will finally be able to find out what the fate of the Flash, Iris West-Allen, and all the other characters will be.

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