The Batman – Part II, Liam Neeson Will Not Be the Villain: ‘no, I Already Did’

Liam Neeson has already had the opportunity to give us a memorable villain in Gotham: even if relatively overshadowed by the Joker of the following The Dark Knight, the Ra’s Al Ghul of the Taken star remains a respectable villain to kick off the trilogy. That our wants to return to the scene of the crime in The Batman – Part II?

Apparently, we’d better give up hope: during a chat with fans organized by Men’s Health, in fact, Neeson also talked about the possibility of seeing him again in the film whose release window James Gunn revealed to us a few days ago, and it seems that the actor is not willing to be seen in those parts.

” No, I already did in Batman Begins with Christian Bale ” was Neeson’s answer to those who asked him if he was interested in a villain role in Matt Reeves’ film with Robert Pattinson: ” I was Ra’s Al Ghul, and he he wasn’t really bad. He just wanted to rearrange the world, because it needs to be rearranged,” the actor concluded.

Would you have liked to see Liam Neeson as a Batman villain? And, if so, in which role would you have seen him well? Tell us yours in the comments! James Gunn, meanwhile, has promised that Batman – Part II will aim very high in terms of quality, as well as the other Elseworlds DC films.

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