The Batman, Colin Farrell Anticipates: “The Penguin Tv Series Will Be Very Dark”

After praising the make-up he will wear in The Penguin, defining his transformation into the Penguin even better than the one seen in The Batman, which earned him a category nomination at the 2023 Oscars, the much-loved Colin Farrell is back to talking about the first TV series spin-off of the saga.

Referring to the prosthetic make-up and the ‘mask’ he will have to wear for his interpretation, Colin Farrell said in a recent promotional interview with Gold Derby: ” The Penguin TV series will be dark, and I will have a lot of freedom to explore the character, also because of the sense of escape represented by all that makeup. When you’re under a mask of makeup you feel freer, you feel different than when you have to act only with your face if you know what I mean. I’m super enthusiastic .”

Recall that, based on what has been declared so far by the creators of the show, the story of The Penguin will resume about a week after the events of The Batman, with Gotham City still in absolute chaos after the disastrous attacks ordered by the Riddler. The show will follow the rise of Oswald Cobblepot in the criminal underworld of the metropolis, with the Penguin as he attempts to fill the void left by the death of Carmine Falcone and become the new king of Gotham’s underworld. However, he will have to deal with Sofia Falcone, the daughter of Carmine, who has arrived in the city in search of revenge for her father. According to rumors, Robert Pattinson will also appear in The Penguin as Bruce Wayne or Batman or both.

The Penguin will be released in 2024 and its eight episodes will bridge the events of Matt Reeves‘ The Batman Part Two, due out in October 2025.

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