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“Thanks, it’s nice to see you again”, Eriksen’s hug to the team that saved his life

Christian Eriksen returned home to Denmark after undergoing heart surgery. He was implanted with a subcutaneous defibrillator and now he’s fine. “We only ask for peace of mind”, explained his wife Sabrina. The player wanted to greet his teammates and the national team who never left him alone. And it saved his life.
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Christian Eriksen has left the hospital. A week ago he was in danger of dying in the field, having gone into cardiac arrest due to a sudden illness, today he is at home surrounded by the affection of his family. And he’s fine. It matters little now whether he will be able to continue playing football, whether he will be able to do so in Italy (difficult, in light of the very strict regulations) or in another team abroad. It matters more that he is alive despite everything.

The Danish midfielder underwent a heart operation : he was implanted with a subcutaneous defibrillator. A kind of ‘magic wand’ that intervenes to correct any anomalies to prevent the gear from jamming. Daley Blind , Ajax and Holland footballer, has the same device and his story is encouraging for the Scandinavian who, at 29, wants to return to the field (excluding protocols on sporting fitness) .

Not now. But he will try if the green light comes from the specialists. This is the time of absolute relaxation and tranquility, away from the stress of matches, training and the psychological pressure of the result at all costs. Eriksen knows this but, before taking leave of that microcosm that up to seven days constituted a large part of daily life, he asked and obtained to visit his national team mates, the team – including doctors – that saved his life that afternoon. of fear and anguish, and it shielded him at the moment when his life was hanging by a thread. “You’re back?” , the doctor who had revived him told him. “Yes, I’m with you … I’m only 29, damn it”, replied the player who had collapsed on the lawn ‘as a dead body falls’.

Eriksen rejoined everyone in the Danish retreat in Helsingor. And there is no need to explain what the emotions may have been in seeing them again. ” The operation went well and I am fine under the circumstances. It was great to see the boys again after the fantastic match they played against Belgium. – Needless to say, I will cheer for them on Monday against Russia.” His story kept the football world in suspense but, luckily, there was a happy ending.

From Italy, Inter has also tightened around him and would like to visit him. It will do so only if the player is in a position to receive visitors. There will first be a telephone contact and then a decision will be made. The club will receive the medical records of the player who should be in Milan in July to repeat the cardiological tests that he also carried out in Denmark. Only then will it be understood whether or not he can stay in Serie A and what will happen to his contract with the Nerazzurri. For now “we only ask for peace of mind” , said his wife Sabrina , who ran into the field after seeing her husband in serious condition. And it’s only right that he takes all the time he needs to get back to full health.

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