Sylvester Stallone Writes Prequel Series About Rocky Balboa’s Youth

Sylvester Stallone Writes Prequel Series About Rocky Balboa’s Youth

After 8 films, the actor still wants to return to the ring.

The last time we saw Rocky Balboa, was in Creed II, the sequel to the spin-off worn by Michael B. Jordan. Sylvester Stallone held his 8th incarnation of Rocky in the cinema there in 40 years.

But the most cult boxer of the 7th art has not yet thrown in the towel. Sly announces today on social media that he is writing the draft of a prequel series, which would tell about Rocky’s youth, before the first film of 1976, before he became world heavyweight champion.

“I started my day writing a draft for a prequel to Rocky for streaming. Ideally, 10 episodes for a few seasons to really get to the heart of the characters in their youth.”

On the draft in question, there is a pitch that says, ” Imagine a time machine that would simply take us back to Rocky’s origins. A cinematic world filled with characters adored by people around the world for nearly five decades. ! The series would introduce us to the most transformative generation in modern history: that of the 60s … “

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Sly imagines a fictional story that tells “the rather simple life of Robert” Rocky “Balboa. When we first met Rocky in 1976, he was a lost soul – a forgotten man, a wasted life until he is turned into a winner. We will see this young man struggling like all young people who are trying to find their place. “

Sylvester Stallone doesn’t say who might play young Rocky and concludes his post thus: “It’s just a small part of my creative process starting … I hope it can come to pass.”

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