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Suso: “We cannot compete against Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético”

The Sevilla winger Jesús Joaquín Fernández ‘Suso’ considered that at this moment they cannot “compete against Madrid, Barcelona, and Atlético”. Admitting that “they are a little step above”, even though the Sevilla players do it “well. “in his confrontations with them, but stressed that ” the important thing “is to repeat a place in the Champions League.

Suso: “We cannot compete against Madrid, Barcelona, and Atlético”

“The important thing is to be in the Champions League again. The big teams always have to play the Champions League, because it means that you are with the best in the world. The Europa League indeed belongs to Sevilla. But if in LaLiga you are up like now -fourths – And we end up like this, it’s to be proud, “Suso told the club’s radio.

In an interview with the official media of Sevilla. The Cadiz international warned about the last ten days of the League that commitments. “very difficult, with rivals who each have their goals,”. Because “those below are playing salvation and not there are easy games. ”

He indicated that last matchday, with 1-1 at Valladolid, they did not play “a great game”. But said that they deserved to win and that, when they were losing, they failed “some chance” to score. “but DNA Sevilla is like that, having it in the last minute and the goalkeeper’s goal “, alluding to the ‘in extremist of Moroccan Yassine Bono.

Suso also highlighted the suitability of this league break for a team that ended the previous season in mid-August. By winning its sixth Europa League in Cologne (Germany), and only had two weeks of vacation.

Suso: “We cannot compete against Madrid, Barcelona, and Atlético”

“Playing every three days there is no time for anything. You are always traveling and playing, and there is not a whole week to train. Now, without the Champions or Cup, we will have one more day. But this break comes at a perfect time because we need rest by not having stopped, “he stressed.

After acknowledging that he arrived in England very young and at a stage in which, due to the circumstances. He has “less desire to learn than now”, while from his time in Italy he was left with the greatest tactical work. The winger said that “In Spain, it is more difficult, because there are more creativity and rhythm, it is played faster”, although he believes that now he is “in the ideal place”.

About Julen Lopetegui, he said that “he is very demanding. A coach who does not stop or conform” and who knows him perfectly. Since he was with him in all the lower categories of the Spanish team and made him debut in the senior team.

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Suso, who this season has 4 goals (3 in the League and 1 in the Champions League) and 4 assists in 34 games. Stressed that he is fighting for his return to the national team and for earning a place for this summer’s European Championship.

“It is the thorn that I have, what I have left to live and my illusion. I have always fought to be there because the fact that a whole country is pending is a precious thing”. Said the man from Cádiz, who, at 27 years old and after a year and two months at Sevilla. He feels “very well” and adapted to LaLiga again.

He explained that after his transfer by Milan in January 2020. And his subsequent signing in summer when the mandatory purchase option became effective for 20 million euros if Sevilla got into the Champions League. “it was a change of country, league and everything “to which he” had to get used to “. To which was added the bad luck of his injury, although this year they have” also changed the work plan “and he is” very well “.

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