Superman: Legacy, Jack Black Does Not Keep The Secret: He Will Be The Protagonist!

What chaos around Metropolis! If on the one hand, someone still cries bitter tears for Henry Cavill’s farewell, on the other hand, some try everything to guess the name of the actor chosen by James Gunn for his Superman: Legacy: it is possible, however, that no one has thought of Jack Black?

While the director specifies that he had thought of the new Superman before the release of Black Adam, the School of Rock star, therefore, takes everyone by surprise by appearing in a video published on his Instagram profile and in which we see him taking a nap to answer the call of a James Gunn who would seem to have chosen him as the protagonist of Superman: Legacy.

” No man, I can’t, I’ve already played all the superheroes, ” ours asks, before letting himself be convinced and presenting himself to the world in the role of what we can define without hesitation as the best Superman ever, the pace of the aforementioned Henry Cavill and various Christopher Reeve, Tyler Hoechlin and Tom Welling.

James Gunn’s reply was not long in coming: ” I thought we agreed to keep this news for ComicCon ” writes the director in the comments. Too late: it’s time for the world to recognize the infinite superiority of Jack Black over his competitors for the role! Maybe good Jack will be able to get everyone to agree: judging by the comments on a recent post by James Gunn, fans haven’t forgotten Henry Cavill yet.

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