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Star: Tears from ex-Bayer

Tears from ex-Bayer star

Leon Bailey misses a huge chance against Wolverhampton. The ex-Bayer star is emotional – which in turn inspires the fans.

Aston Villa’s Leon Bailey stunned fans in the Premier League 1-1 draw with Wolverhampton after he missed a chance to take the lead just before the end of injury time.

However, it was Bailey’s reaction to his sporting blunder that impressed fans even more, forcing them to quickly forgive him. The ex-Leverkusener burst into tears and remained lying on the lawn in despair. Visibly battered, his teammates had to comfort him.

After the game, the attacker turned to the fans on Instagram to apologize for his missed shot. “I am so sorry. I feel guilty that I didn’t get all 3 points tonight,” he wrote on his Instagram story.

“It’s really hard to take and I’m very disappointed in myself,” Bailey judged himself harshly and predicted a hard night for himself. “It will surely be quite difficult for me to sleep tonight, but I’ll try to stay awake.”

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Fans stick with Bailey

The offensive player then received plenty of encouragement.

“He didn’t deliberately miss the shot, “said a follower on social media. The intensity with which he sought to secure the victory for us was truly gratifying to observe. Added one more: “Don’t be too hard on yourself, Leon, and cheer up! Every Villa supporter saw how much it affected you even if you played fantastically and were unlucky.”

In the fourth and last minute of added time, Bailey found himself in front of Wolves keeper José Sá after a wonderful pass from fellow striker Danny Ings and rounded him. But then he missed the shot on the free goal with his weaker right foot.

Star: Tears from ex-Bayer
Star: Tears from ex-Bayer

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