Ben Affleck’s Batman film has remained only a hypothesis but there is someone who has thought about what a poster in the style of Matt Reeves’ The Batman would have looked like. Affleck is the latest actor to play Bruce Wayne in live action on the big screen and in 2016 a film of his own about the character was announced.

Rahal Nejraoui created a fan poster on Instagram for Ben Affleck’s never-made film. In the image, which you find at the bottom of the news, you can see Batman/Affleck looming over Joker/Jared Leto and Barbara Gordon/Leslie Grace.

Ben Affleck was supposed to write, direct and star in the Batman feature film but several vicissitudes led to the cancellation of the project, with the actor gradually abandoning the work on the film.
Later the idea of ​​the Batman film directed by Matt Reeves with Robert Pattinson in the role of Bruce Wayne was born. The official script of Batman is available on the web, much shorter than the film.

In the film, Batman is forced to face the insane and sadistic Riddler(Paul Dano), who begins killing the main important figures of Gotham City. Batman will have to investigate the corruption in the city and the involvement of his family. Also starring Zoë Kravitz, Jeffrey Wright, and John Turturro. The review of The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves.

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