Sherlock Holmes 2: A Disappointing Sequel Or An Unmissable Action Movie?

Sherlock Holmes 2: A Disappointing Sequel Or An Unmissable Action Movie?

Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law are back on TMC.

The Sherlock Holmes imagined by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is a long way off! Sherlock Holmes took the time to reflect and launched to his faithful companion his famous phrase “Elementary my dear Watson “. Passed into the hands of Guy Ritchie, this British hero has become an action movie star where things explode in all directions. A surprising metamorphosis but far from unpleasant. The director is doing pretty well by offering stunts worthy of some blockbusters and a Holmes ( Robert Downey Jr ) / Watson ( Jude Law ) tandem who shines with his repartee and his complicity.

Unveiled in February 2010, the first Sherlock Holmes whetted the appetites of critics thanks in particular to a solid plot and an entertaining duet. “Despite its obvious flaws ” in particular the ” endless scenes of dialogue in busy sets “, this film for example left “a not unpleasant aftertaste” for Gérard Delorme, the author of our review. Flaws that the specialists of the seventh art hoped not to find in the second opus released in January 2012. Expectations for the most part disappointed …

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Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows is in the direct line of the first film by Guy Ritchie. A little too much even since if all the strengths of Sherlock Holmes are there again, the faults too. “A less spicy verbal ping pong between the two heroes ” for  Télérama, “a cinema level video game” for Nouvel Obs, an “escalation of stylistic coquetries which break the atmosphere a little ” for Fluctuat or even a lack “ of ardor “for Les Inrocks, some critics weren’t totally carried away by this fast-paced film that transports Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson across Europe. But difficult to admit completely disappointed by this feature film. Despite a certain superficiality, an obvious abuse of slow motion, and a lack of darkness in the main hero – blackness well present in the image, however – Sherlock Holmes: Game of shadows fulfills its contract. It is good entertainment not stingy in twists and action scenes which will satisfy the amateurs. And that’s already good.

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