Shazam 2, Revealed the Release Date of the Trailer and the New Promotional Poster!

The trailer is coming. The confirmation of the arrival of the first official images of Shazam 2 came from Rachel Zegler who in the film she will play the role of a character not yet officially revealed. The actress also released what appears to be a new promotional poster.

With the transformations of the DC house in recent months and James Gunn revealing how many projects will be presented in the coming weeks, it seems almost reassuring to see some old friends. Among these is certainly Zachery Levi’s Shazam. At the moment it is not known what the fate of the character will be in the management of the new CEOs but, seeing the types of products that Gunn has accustomed us to over the years, it would not be strange to discover that Shazam is one of the few characters saved from this almost total reboot.

In the new promotional trailer, in addition to being shown the full costume of Shazam, the various villains and heroes that had been announced over the months are revealed to us for the first time. The main villains of this second chapter, the daughters of Atlas, are shown to us in all their glory played by Helen Mirren, Lucy Liu, and Rachel Zegler respectively. In short, a real hymn to girl power. Together with the villains, the Shazam Family is also portrayed, a very important new entry in this second chapter.

Fans seem to be particularly eager to hear about the future of various characters. James Gunn has promised announcements for January causing even more curiosity from fans.

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