Scream 6, We Spoil It for You: How Much Do You Bet the Real Killer Will Be…?

The official trailer for Scream 6 promised the bloodiest and deadliest Ghostface ever seen in the entire film saga created by Wes Craven, but who can ever hide behind the mask? We have a theory.

The distinctive feature of Ghostface, which differentiates the iconic serial killer symbol of the Scream saga from all the other monsters of horror cinema such as Michael Myers or Freddy Krueger, lies in the fact that a person is hidden behind his mask in each chapter of the franchise different: Ghostface is not a single individual, but from film to film the mask is ‘inherited’ by a new (and new) serial killer, who continues (or continue) the deeds of his (their) predecessors. In this way, every Scream film largely played on the mystery of the identity of the new Ghostface, but during the promotional phase of this sixth episode, there is one thing that has made us suspicious more than any other.

Neve Campbell’s exit from Scream 6 has caused quite a stir in recent months and has been one of the main topics around which the film’s marketing campaign has moved. But some rumors have hinted that her character Sydney Prescott will be in Scream 6 and also in Scream 7, and although obviously, these are rumors that are far from confirmed, lovers of pure and simple conspiracy have had something to think about in recent weeks (although, however, Campbell’s reasons for leaving are related to unromantic issues, such as salary and equal pay for actors and actresses).

Therefore – emphasizing, in case it was needed, that this article is not based in any way on known information and reiterating how it is animated in all respects by a spirit of purely speculative divertissement – we don’t exactly want to say that according to we Sydney Prescott will secretly be the new Ghostface … but we probably wouldn’t be surprised too much if we were to be faced with a similar twist.

After all, horror in the past has accustomed us to very unconventional advertising strategies.

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