Meander: Scary Film trailer for the French genre movie

Mathieu Turi’s new feature film is revealed.

Genre cinema is gradually making a more established place in France. And this is what we can see with the director Mathieu Turi. Who is preparing to deliver his second feature film, the trailer of which was unveiled this week?

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After a first noticed post-apocalyptic horror film. Hostile, the young filmmaker returns with Méandre. An anxiety-provoking science-fiction story whose heroine is played by  Gaïa Weiss. (seen in Vikings or The Revolution ). The young woman wakes up in a steel tube dressed in a futuristic jumpsuit. Her wrist was adorned with a bracelet with a countdown running. Every 11 minutes, the tube catches fire and the prisoner has no other choice but to move forward to survive.

A disturbing camera at the Cube, raising many questions about the prisoner’s past. What is she doing there? How to get out of this trap?. Viewers will find out when the film comes out on June 16.

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