Rocky 7: Sylvester Stallone Reveals His Ideas for the Sequel Ever Made

The Rocky Balboa saga has a total of six films released in theaters between 1976 and 2006. The character then reappeared in the first two Creed spin-offs to leave the scene, but before the films starring Michael B. JordanSylvester Stallone had already begun to conceive a seventh chapter of the saga which was never realized.

In an Instagram post, Stallone shared artwork by Rocky artist John Rivoli, which depicts his character in his trademark fedora. The slogan, with the triumphal phrase that distinguishes Rocky, reads: ” It’s not over until it’s over “. Along with the image, Stallone shared a series of handwritten notes with what appear to be various ideas and scenes he thought up for Rocky 7.

Among the most notable mentions is Adriana’s (Talia Shire) restaurant, the place he opened in honor of his wife after her death, as seen in the sixth chapter, Rocky Balboa. In what appears to be a scene imbued with the emotional depth Rocky is known for, the retired boxer appears to be thinking of Adriana and mulling over a sentimental moment from their past or perhaps an imaginary conversation from a never-before-seen future.

A teary-eyed Rocky leans on the memory of his wife for comfort and hope, as he seems to return to the future. Meanwhile, a second part of the excerpt appears to lead Rocky to a fight club where he witnesses a 27-year-old boxer named Chucho the Mutt in the ring. If this step would have served Rocky to once again assume the role of mentor, as he would have done later in the Creed saga, unfortunately, we will never know.

Below the post, Stallone wrote: “ These were initial drafts of the script for ROCKY 7, which sadly, due to a few individuals, will never come to fruition, but it’s something I want to share with the hardcore fans. Always keep hitting “. In a second post, Stallone added, ” The second part I know is confusing, but I think you get the gist. Rocky was back to fighting for the neighborhood that he made him and that he still loves .” One thing is evident from the pages, there was a clear vision for Rocky 7 to carry the same intense themes of love, loss, and loyalty that have characterized the entire franchise.

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