Rainbow Six, Director Chosen: Chad Stahelski Will Direct the Film With Michael B. Jordan!

It looks like the sequel to Without Remorse is on the way. Michael B. Jordan will return as CIA officer John Clark, directed this time by Chad Stahelski. The director’s announcement comes after several years in which the project had remained in a production limbo also caused by the pandemic.

Without Remorse had arrived on Amazon Prime Video in a very difficult period for theaters that had forced the production company to agree to ensure that the film obtained a release. The plot details in the second chapter are still hidden and many are starting to ask questions about what the film could tell. Stahelski’s presence portends an excellent job on the action scenes due to the director’s past as a stuntman and stunt coordinator.

Chad Stahelski anticipated John Wick 4 by revealing how much the protagonist will have to deal with his actions. The director’s debut behind the camera coincides with the beginning of the saga starring Keanu Reeves. From that moment on he has distinguished himself as an action director who is always able to best tell commercial stories that have the theme of revenge at their core.

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