Published the First Trailer for the Crime Drama “Brother 3”

Published the First Trailer for the Crime Drama “Brother 3”

The first trailer for the crime drama “Brother 3” has appeared on the network. The film is on the filming stage. The director of the film and the scriptwriter is Valery Pereverzev, who explained in advance that the events of Brother 3 do not overlap with the cult film story about Danil Bagrov (the film Brother by Alexei Balabanov).

Judging by the comments and user ratings, the audience did not like the Brother 3 trailer. In the center of the plot are two twin brothers from the city of Tambov, who went on fundamentally different roads in life. One became a military man, the other a criminal.

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The main roles in the film “Brother 3” are played by Vladimir and Yuri Torsuevs (“The Adventures of Electronics”, “Dunno from Our Yard”), who are twin brothers. They were accompanied on the set by Anton Zatsepin (“In spite of everything”), Dmitry Safronov (“Metro”), David Nuriev (“Status”), and others.

Earlier announced the publication of the first frames from the filming of the adventure fantasy “Dungeons and Dragons”.

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