Plane, the Sequel to the Film With Gerar Butler is Official and is Called… Ship!

Gerard Butler is a guarantee when it comes to disaster movies: the Greenland star hit the spot again this year with his Plane, to the point that the production seems to have already decided to focus again on what could become a real saga, kicking off work on a sequel with an extremely original title.

The sequel to Plane announced in these hours will be called Ship: a truly imaginative title for what at this point takes the form of the second chapter of a hint of a franchise, from the moment in which, according to the details of the plot revealed up to now, it looks like the two films will be closely related to each other.

In fact, in Ship we will find the Louis Gaspar already seen in Plane: ours, just as we were able to see at the end of the first chapter, will be driving a boat in an attempt to escape from the Philippines, obviously hunted by the US government which already held custody before an emergency landing.

As for Butler, who in Plane we saw in the role of the commercial pilot Brodie Torrance, nothing is said yet: it is not excluded, however, that the good Gerard may return even if only for a cameo!

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