Nosferatu, Also Willem Dafoe in the Cast of the Film by Robert Eggers?

With Nosferatu Robert Eggers has taken a risk that only a madman would have accepted to take, and the man who shot The Lighthouse certainly knows something about madness: when the stakes are so high, it is better to rely on trusted collaborators, and thus the name of Willem Dafoe comes up.

After the arrival of Nicholas Hoult in place of Harry Styles in the cast of Nosferatu, the director of The Witch is thinking of Spider-Man’s ex-Goblin for a role in the highly ambitious remake that wants to bring the story back to the big screen and narrated in the legendary film by Murnau, a true emblem of horror, silent cinema and the seventh art in general.

According to the latest rumors, Dafoe would therefore be in talks with the production for a still unspecified role: for the actor, it would be the third collaboration with Eggers, after the one in the aforementioned The Lighthouse and the last, fleeting but incisive, appearance in the much mistreated (at least by the box office) The Northman.

The trust and understanding between Eggers and Dafoe, therefore, seem not to be lacking, and for such an operation it is better to play it safe: we are more than curious to find out what the good Robert will get out of the hat! In the meantime, we remind you that in Nosferatu we will also find Bill Skarsgard and Lily-Rose Depp.

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