Nicolas Cage Recalls David Bowie’s Advice: ‘take Those Words to Heart’

Everything has been written and said about Nicolas Cage‘s way of acting: like it or not, the actor of The Family Man has always been one of a kind, in a certain sense faithful to himself even in his passing from excesses of the wildest overacting to its more intimate versions. But what is behind all this?

Already in recent days, Cage had spoken of the importance of David Bowie in his training: the actor has returned in these hours to name the legendary White Duke, this time reporting fundamental advice for his artistic growth.

” I even once asked David Bowie, ‘How do you do that? How do you keep reinventing yourself?’, and that wise man replied, ‘Well, I just try never to get comfortable with what I do’. I took those words to heart. When I have a project in front of me, I have to feel I can give something. But to answer the question, where does all this come from? It’s a bit of a mystery. There is something magical about all that, I don’t know ” were Cage’s words.

Whatever physical or mental place this push comes from, however, one thing is certain: we will always continue to need a Nicolas Cage in the world of cinema!

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