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National team: “I’m back because I deserve it” Zlatan Ibrahimovic Said

Zlatan Ibrahimovic returns to the Swedish national team.

He does so at his 39 and despite a somewhat controversial relationship with coach Jan Andersson. The player had left the national team after Euro 2016. However, he remains the country’s top scorer with 62 goals in 116 games.

The Milan footballer gave an interview to the YouTube channel of the Swedish Football Federation, in which he showed in his essence: ” I am back because I deserve it, because of what I have done in recent months, not because Zlatan calls me and it is Ibrahimovic, but because of what I contribute in the field. That is why they choose you, “he explained. For a few weeks, he expressed his motivation to return after the coach and the player had had some disputes in the past.

Andersson traveled to Italy a few weeks ago to talk with him about his possible return to the national team. Despite the above problems, their personalities are similar, two direct people with a winning mentality. “We talk about everything. In short: we draw a line on everything that happened and look forward. We treat each other with respect, ” he admitted.

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The footballer of the Italian club described -with details- how the conversation was. “Janne asked me, ‘Do you want to come?’ I was very sincere: ‘Janne, the day you make the list, ask me a day before if I am here to play and I will answer you frankly’ And when that day came, I said that I felt prepared, “he commented. Although he defined as “unreal” the fact of playing with the national team when he is close to turning 40, he believes that he remains at “a very high level” and that he can help the team “in many ways”.

Ibrahimovic is called up to face Georgia and Kosovo in qualifying for the Qatar World Cup in 2022. The footballer spoke of himself like this: “The mentality is the same, he wants to win at any price . He has more experience today, he’s smarter. , he moves with more intelligence and does what he has to do to help the team in the best way, “he concluded.

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