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Munich swing. France beat Germany with own goal and flexibility

Munich swing. France beat Germany with its own goal and flexibility

The most important matches are rarely the most spectacular. So in the match between the national teams of France and Germany in Munich, everything was decided by one single goal: the Germans scored, and the French won.

The last two world champions are each other, and this match was quite worthy of the final – in terms of tension, in terms of the level of football shown, in terms of internal drama. The outcome could well have been completely different, but that is how the circumstances developed. Although at first the German national team had the ball, and Didier Deschamps’ wards did not really oppose this, as if they were planning to act as number two. The French defended well, and as a result, the most dangerous moment at their gate in the opening was the kick of Mats Hummels, who hit his head above the gate.

But gradually the threads of the game ended up in the hands of French footballers. And in one of the attacks in the 20th minute, Paul Pogba gave a wonderful pass to the far post to Luca Hernandez, who shot Kilian Mbappé in the touch, but Hummels, who was eager to defend his goal, turned out to be in the way of the ball. He awkwardly put his foot out – and the ball was in the net.


The Germans did not break down and responded with several dangerous attacks, but Thomas Müller and Toni Kroos still could not get on target. The German national team pressed down the opponent but did not get carried away with romantic attacks, bearing in mind that the French could arrange a dagger counter-attack. However, they sometimes played too passively and even received a whistle from German fans.

But in the second half, the “roosters” began to play more actively, and soon Adrien Rabiot struck the post. The game gradually turned into a swing, but no one succeeded in exchanging attacks – both teams are too skillful and flawless to make a fatal mistake. And yet the French were closer to the second goal than the Germans to the first. For example, the same Hummels atoned for his guilt, in a furious tackle removing the ball from the foot of Mbappé who burst into the penalty area. Five minutes before the end of the game, Karim Benzema closed Kilian’s cross, but the referee fixed the game. To arrange a bulk, in the end, the Germans were prevented by the abundance of marriage, and as a result, the defeat was 0: 1.


Both teams still play with Portugal, and a lot will depend on these matches. The Germans, of course, will not be discouraged by the starting defeat, and it will be very difficult for Cristiano Ronaldo and the company in the second round – it is unlikely that Joachim Loew, leaving the German national team at the end of the Euro, wants to leave ingloriously. The French, on the other hand, made a good claim for high places: this is a team not only with great performers but also able to rebuild the game at least several times per match. This is a very valuable skill in the company of the strongest teams.

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