Marvel, According to Kevin Feige, the Public Will Never Get Tired of Movies Based on Comics

After trying to explain the secret of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s success, Marvel Studios super-producer Kevin Feige also tried to answer the age-old question: when will the public get tired of superhero movies?

Well, according to Kevin Feige, it will never happen, and the reason is very simple: ” I’ve been asked this question very often, but honestly I’ve never really understood the meaning of it. It’s as if someone, at the time, went to the producers of Gone with the Wind and said, ‘ So guys, when do you think Hollywood will stop making movies based on novels?’ It doesn’t seem to me that the public has gotten tired of the film adaptations of books, you would never ask such a question: it all depends on the story you want to tell, and anyone who doesn’t read comics doesn’t understand that the same thing that is true for books is also true for superhero stories. ”

The producer added: “ Marvel characters have 80 years of stories behind them, and we are talking about some of the most interesting, exciting, and revolutionary stories ever written in the world of comics. And it is our great privilege to be able to take what has been done in passed by these great artists and adapt it for the big screen. Another reason why the audience will never get tired of superhero movies, also, is that these films are adapting to different genres, offering very distinct types of films between Them.”

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