M. Night Shyamalan Already Has His Next Three Films in Mind

The director, currently showing Knock at the Cabin, is already talking about his future projects.

We can’t stop M. Night Shyamalan: currently, on the bill for Knock at the Cabin, his new film plunging into the genre of the home invasion, which comes a year and a half after the release of Old, the American filmmaker has expressed plans to put the lid back on very soon with three new films slated ‘ for the next six years ‘.

During an interview with the American site Collider, the filmmaker notably spoke about several important episodes of his career. When discussing his future projects, he said he had ” already well-defined structures ” for his next three films. He had previously announced that he was working on a new film slated for 2024, inspired by ” everyone I’ve worked with “.

According to Collider, Shyamalan could therefore make two films in two years according to the pace he has maintained over the past few years. “ I hope to go even faster now. We’ll have to see if I manage to keep up the pace that I impose on myself (…) I’m in a strange but very fascinating situation, ” he adds.

His film Knock at the Cabin, released on February 1 in France, tells the story of a couple taken hostage in a cabin, who will have to make a drastic choice concerning the future of humanity. Première returned to the career of the filmmaker during an interview that you can find below.

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