Loki 2: Revealed The Characters Played By Ke Huy Quan And Kate Dickie In The Marvel Series?

With the victory also of the prize at the SAG Awards last night, Ke Huy Quan is heading quickly towards the night of the Oscars, but in the meantime, more details have emerged on the character he could play in the course of the second season of Loki when it will make its debut on Disney+ in the summer. News also on the character of Kate Dickie.

Loki season 2 will directly tie back to the Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania finale and continue the great storyline surrounding Kang the Conqueror, especially after the season 1 finale, in which Tom Hiddleston’s character finds himself in a real alternative in which instead of the three statues of the Keepers of Time in the central hall of the TVA there is one of Kang himself.

The well-known insider My Time to Shine Hello tried to shed some light on the characters played by the two new entries of Loki Season 2, namely Ke Huy Quan and Kate Dickie: ” Ke Huy Quan plays a character called Ouroboros in the second season of Loki. He’s the TVA’s chief tech,” she wrote on Twitter, later adding, “ His name is being shortened to Bo .” To a fan who asked if it will be a major role in the course of the season, the insider said in an affirmative.

In a subsequent post, the insider clarified the character that will be played by Kate Dickie instead, and that just as fans expected it could be the older version of Sylvie: ” Kate Dickie plays an evil general who wants his soldiers, former TVA agents, destroy the new timelines created after the death of the Remainer .” A fan soon after commented: ” And so it’s going to be an older version of…well, I don’t want to screw that up .” The insider himself liked this comment, basically confirming that the comment is on the right track.

This older version of Sylvie most likely exists to undo the damage done by her younger counterpart, who is killing the One Remained sparked the Multiverse Saga and the arrival of Kang’s variants.

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