Liaison: Eva Green And Vincent Cassel On Apple Tv+, Between Love And Espionage

A country under attack, a love returned from the past: how is the new original series on the AppleTV+ platform?

Apple TV+ tries to investigate and subvert another audiovisual genre which thus adds to the array of serial products that can be found in the library (by the way, don’t miss the Apple TV+ series of March 2023 ). This time the streaming window offers the opportunity to look into the world of espionage in a new key that puts London at the center of the sights that has to deal with internal or external attacks, also questioning trust in the comforts of Europe.

It’s Liaison the serial showing the terrorist attacks of expert hackers who derail trains and promise to destroy bridges; a show that comes after another product in the same line that didn’t shine for any particular merit. A story that we analyzed in the review of Suspicion and from which we hope that the narration of Liaison deviates, wishing her to convince more than she had been able to do the story that saw an actress of the caliber of Uma Thurman in the cast.

Do Eva Green and Vincent Cassel Work?

In the Apple TV+ series created by Virginie Brac the familiar faces are instead those of two equally splendid interpreters such as Eva Green and Vincent Cassel, whose paths intertwine again after years of distance and a love never forgotten due to an imminent danger that could make sink the security of the English capital.

A couple of supporting actors will have to face their task by holding different positions and authorities, trying to trust each other even if they find themselves in a delicate condition. A professional and emotional relationship will have to remain silent while both will try to restore the order that has been lost in their way, while the viewer will have to try to understand how deep their relationship has gone, one that seems to revive every time the two characters look into each other’s eyes. In Liaisonthis almost romantic element turns out to be the real novelty factor within the spy story, compared to a side dish made up of ambushes and chases, computers, and digital disasters. At least that’s what transpires from the first episodes; an involvement that the protagonists push, rather than the whole story that is built around them. A story that is intricate from the outset, unlike the ease with which the viewer can grasp the closeness and affection between the characters of Green and Cassel. Much more heartfelt than the rest of the events of the show, as well as what one is curious to know how she will fit into the diplomatic and secret operations of an entire country.

Between feelings and state secrets

When it comes to the side purely linked to the espionage dimension, Liaison manifests all the topoi of the genre. This is why only in front of the complete picture will it be possible to understand how much the Apple show has tried to present itself in an original way to differentiate itself from the pool of works from which it takes its cue and from which it would be good if it moved away to find its own identity, above all in writing.

The one that could derive precisely from the dualism of its protagonists and from that past that abruptly decided to knock on the door. It is therefore on them that the public will focus and from which we hope to draw a story as intriguing from a political and espionage point of view as human. An affair of love and state, from which it will be necessary to see who will come out clean.

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