La La Land, Emma Stone Will Also Return to the Broadway Musical?

The news has just arrived of the musical adaptation of La La Land, a masterpiece by Damien Chazelle that has bewitched the public since its release.

The date of the debut of the brand new musical that will bring back to life the story (as magical as it is raw) of Mia and Sebastian is not yet known. Very little is known in general about the adaptation: for example, who will play the two protagonists? An unknown, for now.

Emma Stone has indeed demonstrated a great musical expressive capacity in Chazelle’s film, so the world would seem to agree in saying: yes, she could come back. But they are mainly speculations, nothing is confirmed. Needless to say, fans have no idea who Sebastian will be playing either. All that remains is to wait for further news in this regard.

What do we know for now, then? The composer will be Justin Hurwitz, with Benj Pasek and Justin Paul as songwriters. Director Bartlett Sher and Matthew Decker with renowned writer Ayad Akhtar will also collaborate on the project.

As we imagine you know, Damien Chazelle recently surpassed himself with Babylon, a film that sees Margot Robbie as the absolute protagonist.

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