Keanu Reeves on Ballerina and John Wick 5: ‘ana Loves Action, and She’s Really Good at It’

The star of the saga participates in the spin-off carried by Ana de Armas. In addition to returning in John Wick 4, filmed in Paris.

Big news for John Wick, the successful hitman played by Keanu Reeves since 2014. As the production multiplies the projects around this very popular universe, its star takes stock with Total Film. The British magazine devotes its cover to the next opus, Chapter 4 directed by Chad Stahelski, expected on March 22 at the cinema. While his trailer, where we see him walking the streets of Paris and facing Donnie Yen and Bill Skarsgard, caused a sensation this winter, the actor takes the opportunity to also talk about his spin-off Ballerina. Worn by Ana de Armas (great as Agent Paloma in the latest James Bond, Dying Can Wait ), and already facing Keanu in Knock, Knok, by Eli Roth in 2015), this action film by Len Wiseman ( Underworld ) is being made in Prague. And the team is also preparing The Continental, a series derived from this universe which will notably see the arrival of Mel Gibson and Colin Woodel (as a young Winston Scott, who usually has the features of Ian McShane).

Conceived by Greg Coolidge, Shawn Simmons, and Kirk Ward, The Continental is a mini-series in three episodes, logically filled with action scenes. Here is its synopsis: “The Continental will explore the origin of the hotel for assassins “The Continental”, centerpiece of the John Wick universe, through the prism of the young Winston Scott, as he rushes into the hellish New York of 1975 to come to terms with its past, Winston carves a deadly road through the mysterious, underworld of New York City to seize the iconic hotel that serves as a staging point for the world’s most dangerous criminals. “
With a very large budget, it will be broadcast this year on Starz in the United States, and Prime Video in France.

“It’s a very cool story, comments Keanu Reeves about Ballerina , which also has no release date. Len Wiseman has a vision, and he submits completely, with affection, to the universe of John Wick . Ian McShane is there as Winston as well. So I think that’s a nice way to pass the baton, and it was cool to wear that suit again, albeit quickly. There’s a reason why John coming back in Ballerina , that makes sense. And working with Ana was great. She loves action, and she’s very good at it.”

About the future of John Wick, he goes back to the idea that had previously run to film episodes 4 and 5 back to back, and justifies its abandonment as follows: “First you have to see how the public reacts to this that we created. The only reason we get the chance to make these films is that people like what we make. So I think we have to wait for their reaction. J hope they like it.” And that they can continue? If John Wick 5 was not finally shot by Chad Stahelski in the wake of the 4th opus, it is far from being abandoned. The director just needs to wrap up Without Remorse, the Rainbow Six sequel starring Michael B. Jordan, “Give me, and John Wick, a little break. I’m just asking you for a few months. I pray to the god of cinema to finish this movie soon.”

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