Keanu Reeves Does Not Give Up: Constantine 2 is Still Alive, the Confirmation of Warner Bros

Keanu Reeves fans can breathe a sigh of relief because in these hours Warner Bros. has intervened on the rumors that yesterday had anticipated the definitive cancellation of Constantine 2.

Despite the chaos generated by the cancellation of old projects and the complete restructuring of DC and Warner Bros. under the leadership of James Gunn and Peter Safran, Constantine 2 should be safe and according to a new report will soon enter production. In the past few hours it was feared that the project had been set aside, both due to its absence from the presentation of the future of DC Studios and above all due to some rumors circulated online through more or less reliable scoopers (in this case less, evidently) but now Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that Constantine 2 is alive and well.

The magazine has published a new update on the film after asking Warner Bros. about the rumors about the cancellation of the project and the studio has confirmed that the sequel has not been canceled, which means that fans can still hope for the return of Keanu Reeves in the DC house.

The lineup of the ‘First Chapter’ of the DCU saga, entitled ‘Gods and Monsters’, presents several interesting choices and anticipates a precise focus on the lesser-known characters of the broad DC comic book canon. Even if he was not mentioned in this first narrative arc, Constantine could still re-enter the project in the next few years, as Gunn himself had anticipated ‘secret titles’ still in a state too embryonic to be officially presented. It should also be noted that Constantine belongs to the same ‘dark vein’ of the DC Universe which includes Swamp Thing, one of the very first titles announced which should be directed by James Mangold.

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