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Juve era ends after 13 years

Juve era ends after 13 years

A great era is ending at Juventus Turin after 13 years: the club boss of the old lady resigned on Wednesday.

An era ends at Juventus Turin!

At the shareholders’ meeting of the Italian record champions, club boss Andrea Agnelli resigned as announced on Wednesday after 13 years. He is succeeded as the new president by tax expert Gianluca Ferrero.

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Agnelli surprisingly announced that he would retire from all of his family’s publicly traded companies.

“Having completed such an important part of my life, I want to turn the tide. As such, I will resign at the shareholders’ meetings of the public companies in which I have an interest,” Agnelli said.

In his lengthy farewell speech, he also defended the failed plans to create a Super League. “I still believe that European football needs structural reforms,

otherwise, it will decline in favor of a single dominant league, the Premier League,” stressed Agnelli.

Juve era ends after 13 years
Juve era ends after 13 years

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