Why Justice League is ultimately a 4-hour movie and not a 4-part series

Zack Snyder did not want to get bogged down in new legal galleys related to the terminology of his work in Justice League …

At the DC FanDome convention a few months ago, Zack Snyder mentioned releasing his Justice League as a four-part miniseries. In the end, if it is actually cut into several parts, this Director’s Cut is indeed a 4-hour film!

So why did you take this direction? Snyder responds in Deadline: ” Frankly, I believe the decision was made from a legal thrill that began to emerge from the idea of ​​dividing this film into four parts. From a legal point of view, is does it become a TV series and no longer a film? And suddenly, that would not cancel, de facto, all the signed contracts? “

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Justice League has been available for rental in VOD on several services in France since Thursday. Faced with this looming bureaucratic slump, Zack Snyder ruled: “I took it upon myself to say, listen, guys, I don’t want to get into this. Looks like we’re going to get tangled up in a mess that can’t be done. with that idea. It could be a disaster, so let’s not set a legal precedent with this movie. I’ll stick to my four-hour opus! “

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