Justice League: The Snyder Cut Final Trailer

Justice League: The Snyder Cut Final Trailer

When there is no more, there is still. After the sneak peek, the teaser, the official trailer (in color and in black and white). Or the focus dedicated to each superhero, HBO Max gives a (last?). Layer a few days before the international release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, this Thursday, March 18. A last burst of images (including a part unpublished) in particular centered on Darkseid. The big bad of this new assembly of 4 hours supposed to erase the cinema version of Joss Whedon. A promise kept according to the first reviews from the United States.

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While Darkseid announces the Thanos-style color (” I’ve reduced worlds to dust “). The trailer also shows us Yalan Gur, a never-before-seen version of Green Lantern, in a flashback to a movie. very old battle, the return of Superman (” I have a second chance, I won’t waste it “). Martha Kent with red eyes (a sign of a Martian Manhunter appearance). And another (very brief) glimpse of the Joker version of Jared Leto.

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