John Wick, How Many People Does Keanu Reeves’ Character Kill in the First Film?

A good 9 years have passed since the first John Wick, years during which the ruthless killer played by Keanu Reeves has never abandoned us, continuing to reap victims for two other chapters already released and for a fourth film soon to land on the big screen: just therefore, we want to concentrate here on the number of victims.

The first film in the saga directed by Chad Stahelski was released in 2014, telling us about a John Wick intent on taking no prisoners in reaching the son of the boss of the Russian mafia guilty of killing his dog after breaking into his house to take revenge on the refusal received a few hours earlier, when ours had shown interest in our John’s car.

The temporarily retired mafia killer, therefore, decides to return to action for strictly personal reasons, and he does it in a big way: in fact, there are 77 corpses that John Wick leaves behind during his journey in the first film of the saga, making full justice to those who handed down legends about his fame as an assassin capable of killing even Baba Yaga.

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