John Wick 2, Who Noticed The Connection With Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man?

John Wick only needs to shoot cobwebs to become a full-fledged superhero, because, in terms of combat skills, we’d say we’re great: the comparisons with Marvel heroes don’t end there, however, since in the second film of the saga there is a far from casual reference to one of these.

On the other hand, our talk of cobwebs wasn’t even casual, since it is precisely Spider-Man we are referring to, or rather the first film in Sam Raimi’s trilogy: a scene from John Wick 2 is set in the same place where one of the most iconic sequences of the film with Tobey Maguire takes place.

We’re talking about the terrace scene starring John and Winston: the urban garden in question is the same one we see in Spider-Man when our Peter Parker saves Kirsten Dunst’s Mary Jane from the Goblin’s attack; by the way, who was the face of the famous villain in 2001’s Spider-Man? Of course by Willem Dafoe, who had played the lethal Marcus in the first chapter of John Wick!

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