James Gunn Posts Superman on Twitter, but Cavill’s Army Goes Wild in the Comments

Superman: Legacy will represent a fundamental step for this DC Universe: the film for which it is rumored that James Gunn can sit in the director’s booth will have to do his best to present us with a Clark Kent who does not regret that of Henry Cavill, but there will be many not to take kindly to this change.

After having denied the start of the casting for Superman: Legacy, therefore, James Gunn himself intervened on Twitter by publishing a photo of the beloved Kryptonian hero: a way like any other to remind us that he is at work on this highly anticipated and very dangerous Superman: Legacy, but the comments section made it clear how difficult the task awaiting the new president of DC Studios will be.

Just take a quick look at the photos posted in response to James Gunn’s one to realize how beloved Henry Cavill still is: the actor, who according to Gunn would never have been hired by DC after his cameo in Black Adam, still boasts a fanbase very attached to his Clark Kent, and the replies to the director’s tweet leave no doubt as to who would have been the favorite of a large part of the fans for this new course. Who will be right? We will only find out in a few years!

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