James Gunn Gives Important New Details About His DC Universe

The boss of DC Studios provides after-sales service.

As usual, James Gunn responded to DC fans on Twitter to clear up some details regarding major announcements for his brand new DC Universe.

He first confirms that the Creature Commandos cartoon and the Peacemaker spin-off live series  Waller will indeed be part of the new DCU, even if they originally come from the previous franchise. Yes, Viola Davies will be back and too bad if she participated in Suicide Squad before …

He then reveals from which comics precisely he drew his inspiration for future films. For example, it is Alan Moore’s vision of Swamp Thing that will be brought to the screen, even if Gunn tempers by specifying that it will not be a question of purely and simply adapting these comics to the screen, even that he will draw from in terms of ” feeling, tone and aesthetics “.

James Gunn reveals in the process that DC will continue to make animated films, in the vein of Krypto and the Super-Animals, released last year in cinemas. He confirms that some will tie directly into the DCU while others will be separate stories in their universes under the “DC Elseworlds” banner. Note that no new animated film has been announced in the first wave of Chapter 1: Gods & Monsters projects.

Finally, James Gunn confirms that the idea of ​​this shared universe is to make very different films and series, with varied tones and genres:


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