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Paris Player: Icardi “I feel good at PSG”

Mauro Icardi, despite the rumors about a possible return to Italy, seems to have found his place in Paris. The Argentine striker, who has been serving the Parisian team for a year and a half, has conveyed his wish to stay through a statement on the official PSG website.

During his time in Italy, Icardi established himself as the maximum reference for Inter Milan. His arrival in Paris raised doubts since it was possible to think that it would be difficult for him to fit in among so many stars, but the Argentine dissolved the criticism based on goals. ” When I came on loan, I did everything I could to be decisive and help the team with my goals. It was a good year. So I’m very happy with the club.”

Paris Player: Icardi “I feel good at PSG”

It seems that it is not a trivial statement. The forward seems happy in Paris, he feels part of an ambitious project and intends to finish his contract in Ligue 1. “I decided to offer myself to stay together for the next four years. For me, it is an honor and pride, as I said on the first day of my arrival in Paris. I feel good here, in a great team that wins titles. That is what a player is looking for

On the other hand, he has been very happy with the arrival on the bench of Mauricio Pochettino. “ The arrival of our new coach is a good thing for the group and, for me, who speak Spanish, sometimes it is a plus!  We can communicate better and speak differently. Each coach has their own work mentality and their ideas about the game, we made ourselves available to the new coach and the new squad from day one. ”

Since Pochettino arrived at the club, PSG has qualified for the Champions League quarter-finals and has regained the lead in Ligue 1 after a resounding victory against Olympique Lyonnais by a 4-2 result. ” We wanted to return in the best possible way and start a new cycle to be able to achieve what we want, that is to win games and win titles. However, we also have to thank Thomas Tuchel for his time.”


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