Hellboy, New Movie Announced! It Will Be Another Reboot, Here Are All the First Details

Three years on from their last attempt to make a Hellboy movie, Discussing Film is exclusively reporting that a new reboot of the Mike Mignola -created character is in production at Millennium Media, which previously signed Neil‘s 2019 film. Marshall.

Unrelated to that title, of which it will in no way be a sequel or a prequel, the new Hellboy has chosen director Brian Taylor, co-director of Crank and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, to direct the film. The casting is already underway with a production start date set for April, so based on this information, it is very likely that the protagonist’s name will be made public in the coming weeks. The outlet points out that the development of the film – which will represent the third incarnation of Hellboy on the big screen, following the acclaimed saga of Guillermo Del Toro with Ron Perlman and the first reboot with David Harbor of Stranger Things – is moving fast as a ‘study priority’.

In this regard, it is also reported that the project would already have a temporary title, Hellboy: The Crooked Man. Readers of Mike Mignola’s comics will instantly recognize this subtitle, as it is taken directly from the source material. In the story of the same name, written by Mignola and with art by the late Richard Corben, Hellboy travels to Virginia in the 1950s to confront some witches, only to run into The Crooked Man himself.

Taylor’s work as a director has previously been defined by his collaborations with former creative partner Mark Neveldine. The pair, credited as “Neveldine/Taylor” in the 2000s, directed the two Crank films starring Jason Statham, the sequel to Ghost Rider, and the sci-fi thriller Gamer starring Gerard Butler. They had also previously written the screenplay for the film Jonah Hex. After striking out on his own, Taylor collaborated with Grant Morrison on the television adaptation of Happy.

Hopes are therefore sinking to see the much-requested Hellboy 3 by Guillermo Del Toro.

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