Harry Potter, Rupert Grint Recounts the First Time He Showed Clips to His Daughter

Harry Potter has been part of the childhood of many children and, above all, of its protagonists. Rupert Grint, who plays Ron, said he started showing his two-year-old daughter some clips from the film despite her little girl being a little perplexed about some things.

Being Ron Weasley’s daughter doesn’t have to be easy particularly if you are introduced to the ‘magical’ world of Hogwarts at such a young age. Although Harry Potter is a saga mainly for children, it still has a specific target for which it is intended. Grint wanted to skip the question by sharing a moment with his little girl by reviewing scenes from that saga that saw him among her protagonists for 10 years.

The fact that Rupert Grint has defined openness to a reboot of Harry Potter confirms how much the actor is fond of the saga and its unforgettable characters. Despite this, it seems that her daughter already from the first vision was very perplexed by several things, including the presence of her father in the film. “I’ve shown her the Potter clips but I don’t think she realizes it’s meWhen she’s old enough, I can’t wait to watch them with her,” he confessed, sounding more than thrilled at the prospect of sharing such a moment with his daughter.

Despite the work done for almost 10 years, Rupert Grint described it as suffocating to work in the Harry Potter saga, especially regarding the pace of filmmaking and promotion which took up about a year leaving very little space for his young interpreters to enjoy their growth.

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